fbpx 3 Tips to Reduce Touch Points In Your Office

3 Tips To Reduce Touch Points In Your Office

Tip 1

Leave Interior Doors open that aren't a Security Risk. You can do this with a door closer with a hold open arm.

Tip 2

Consider switching to motion activated or smart switches for your lights. Alexa, turn on the lights!

Tip 3

Use Automatic Door Openers on High Traffic Exterior or Interior Doors. You can do that by using Brivo Mobile Pass or Motion Activated Buttons.

Reducing Touch Points can help your customers and your Team stay healthy! Think about everything you touch just walking into your office, the door handle, light switch, coffee machine, countertop, office door, desk, laptop...the list goes on and on. Everyday, these touch points collect their fair share of micro organisms. However, when someone is infected with a virus, these seemingly harmless touch points become a source of infection and transmission. By removing frequently touched items, you can help reduce the amount of pathogens in the environment and reduce the chance of passing a virus around your business.

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