We are built to support Property Management and Facility Management of any size and our passion is to keep you safe. We work with you to provide the best solutions for your unique needs! No cookie cutter solutions for our customers. We have a team of Trained Project Managers that specialize in managing the supply and installation and stay in communication with you every step of the way. No surprise expenses or delays on projects. 

Free Evaluation

Meet with our sales team to discuss your project!

How We Can Help You Manage a Project

  • We Develop a Solution for Your Unique Needs (No Cookie Cutter Solutions)
  • We Prep & Plan with our Opening Management System so you know Exactly What Openings You have
  • We Manage Supply of Materials from Manufacturers
  • We Manage the Installation of Products
  • We Keep You Informed Every Step of the Way

Door Survey

Capture door information (Product Specifications, Photos, Measurements, Etc)

Analyze Door Survey

Group Door Profiles, Accurate Cost & Hardware Counts, Understand full scope of Facility

Key Meeting

Discuss customer expectations & How we can help provide solutions, What & when users have access to specific doors.

Product Listing

Quantities & descriptions of door hardware

Structure Installation

Layout timeline & Order of Product Installation

We Plan, Organize, & Keep Your Project On Budget


Clean & Simple QR Code connects the door profile to our Technician's App


We Organize the Door Profile Information that's important to you and our technician.


The information is available to view by Customer, Location, Floor or specific tenant space


Our Mobile app allows anyone to scan to add images, door information and service history.


Data is stored on a highly secured private cloud server & accessed through an app or web browser


A customer portal gives you access to your door profiles and key information. With just a simple click, you can request service for that opening.

If you are planning a Large Scale Security Project and getting frustrated with the details, let us help you out!  We tackle huge projects all the time and have taken measures to streamline the process.

  • Planning a Large Security Project is tough work.  There are hundreds of variables to consider.  How may openings are you trying to secure?  What hardware already exists on these openings?  Is any of it reusable?  What type of new hardware do I need to acquire?  What the heck does “power over ethernet” even mean?  Not to mention all of the regulations that need to be considered.
  • Here is what we bring to the table:
    • A world class team of Professional Lock Smiths and Electronic Security Specialists.
    • Unparalleled team work, organization, and communication skills.
    • Total Opening Solutions.  We work on everything “between the studs”, and some other stuff too!
    • Data Management that works.
  • Combining all of the moving parts before, during, and after a project can be tough, why not give us a call and let us handle the details.  Check out some of our case studies in the blog to learn more.
  • From Intelligent Master Key Systems that span the nation to Access Control Systems with hundreds of doors, we got you covered.