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Home Owner Association's are one of our favorite use cases. Pool season? We got your back! Camera system's for your common areas? No problem! Gate closer acting up? We can fix that! HOA's can also benefit from utilizing our other Commercial offerings as well.

Mailbox Locks

Need your mailbox locks swapped out or rekeyed? Our Technician's have loads of experience with all types of locks!

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Traffic Control

We have solutions for all of your Traffic Control needs. We specialize in sliding gates and Parking Gate Arms

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Pool Gates

If one of the doors at your business’ location gets broken or damaged, we can save you the expense of putting in an entirely new door with our commercial door repair service.

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Access Control

With a commercial access control system, you can stay in control of all the locks on your business’ premises.

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Security Cameras

You probably want to know what’s going on at your business’ location when you’re away. Having a commercial CCTV system installed can help you keep tabs on all of the activities that are occurring at your business 24/7.

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Mailbox Locks

we rekey mailbox locks at loc-doc security

The United States Postal Service has some regulations in place regarding Mailbox Locks.  Lucky for you Loc-Doc Security knows these regulations and would be glad to answer any questions regarding the Lock on your Mailbox.


  • There are several reasons why someone may need to replace a Mailbox Lock.  Usually it is because you have just moved into a new home and need some keys for your mailbox, or maybe you have lost your existing Mailbox Key.
  • The United States Postal Service forbids any Lock Smith from decoding a Mailbox Lock.  In other words, there are some legal matters surrounding that old mailbox that you just lost your key to.  Fortunately, we have a solution to this issue.
  • By replacing the lock on your Mailbox you can get a new set of keys and regain access (or restrict access) to your mailbox.  Our Technicians have tons of experience with all types of locks and would love to help out with this.

Traffic Control

Sliding Gate used for traffic control and parking control

If you are in need of a Traffic Control solution, then you are in the right place.  We have electronic control experts ready to install new gates or take a look at a malfunctioning one.  Whether is is a sliding gate, a parking gate arm, a center split gate, or any other type of gate, we got you covered.


  • There are a ton of different Traffic Control solutions out there.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with options or even wondering if a Traffic Control solution is necessary for your property, we have the expertise to advise you.
  • Most Traffic Control solutions involve some type of gate.  There are sliding gates, parking gate arms, and even custom gates to name a few.  We specialize in all types of electronic access control.  Not sure if you need this type of solution? Here are some reasons you may want to have a Traffic Control Solution installed:
    • Non-residents parking in the complex is causing residents to not be able to park in their designated areas.
    • If people are using the complex as a cut through, a Traffic Control Solution can discourage thru traffic.
    • Being able to track who enters and leaves the area and at what times.  This is also a great way to prior plan for events and move ins.
  • Our Technicians can even connect your Traffic Control Solution to an existing Access Control System!  This allows people to use their access control credentials to enter and exit the complex or parking area.

Camera Systems

Easy viewing of commercial security camera system

At one time or another, you’ve probably watched a television show in which an establishment’s Security Cameras were able to provide a vital clue used to capture a criminal.  This actually happens more often than you might think.  Security Cameras can do even more than help solve a crime and catch a criminal, however.


  • Crime Deterrent: Just the visual presence of surveillance equipment will deter many criminals from targeting your HOA. They would much rather move on to the easier target than take a chance of being caught. It is typically only on television that they race in with high-tech blocking equipment and know exactly what wires to snip. The reality is that most criminals will simply leave you alone when they realize you have security cameras.
  • Resident Protection: Your residents will be safer and feel safer with security cameras operating. We can install these in the parking lot, for example, so people will be safer going to and from their vehicles.
  • Documentation: By having your security cameras set to record, you have documentation needed in court should you ever be involved in a legal matter. Often you can use this recording to refute a claim right at the get-go and avoid costly legal issues. Furthermore, someone wanting to pull a scam is going to be less likely to try it in your HOA if they know there are cameras present that could prove their guilt.

Access Control

Proximity Card Readers used for card access control system

HOA’s are a great place to have an Access Control system installed.  This is because of the wide variety of needs that an HOA community presents.  Whether it is your pool, tennis courts, or common areas, we got you covered.


  • The decision to install an Access Control system in your HOA Community is a smart one.  There are many reasons to install such a system.  Here are few ways you can expect to benefit:
    • Control access to your HOA’s club house.  Club house’s typically have many entrances.  There could be a gym, a kitchen, a laundry area, and much more all inside this one building.  By utilizing Access Control, you can easily restrict access to different areas of the club house through out the day and night hours.
    • Outdoor Areas are also a good use case.  Have a beautiful tennis court in the community but want to discourage night time play?  Using Access Control gives you the power to have an automatically locked down gate.
    • Pools are by far the most popular Access Control options.  Lets face it, when the summer heat set in, having a sign just doesn’t stop the kids from two neighborhoods over jumping in your pool.  A gate with a key fob tends to work much better!
  • We also have some other services regarding pool gates.

Pool Gates

Access Control and Locksmithing on pool gates is our speciality

The Fire Marshall and Health Inspector are required to come and periodically inspect your Pool Gate.  They have strict guidelines on exactly how your gate is supposed to operate.  If you are not careful, you may be delaying your pool opening due to a failed inspection.


  • There is really no messing around when it comes to Pool Gates.  If your pool gate is not up to code, you not only won’t be able to open on time for the season, but may cause a dangerous situation for one or more of your residents.
  • If you are worried that your gate is not up to code, or you are just looking to make some improvements on its functionality, we got you covered.  Every year we service HOA Communities all over Charlotte, and the greater Charlotte region.
  • Here are a few things you may want to check if you are unsure:
    • Does the pool have a Single Means of Egress (fancy word for a good way to exit)?
    • Does your gate utilize access control?
    • If there is a Power Failure, will people still be able to exit your pool?
  • Your best bet when it comes to Pool Gates is to give us a call.  We have a ton of experience bringing gates up to code and even performing new installs.  Our technicians can have you up and running in no time!