A Cloud Based Camera System that can be seen and monitored from anywhere!

Small Business owners, Property Managers, Restaurateurs, and Campus Administrators all have one thing in common. They want to see their property from anywhere.
In this age of technology, You don’t have to wait when it comes to being aware of what activity is happening on your property. Cameras are an essential part of creating a safe environment and an effective peace of mind solution. However, as we all know, cameras – however essential they may be – can be expensive and complex. This can make installing a camera system a difficult decision for many who want to see their property from anywhere.

A cloud-based solution is perfect for anyone who wants to discover the benefits of digital surveillance, but isn’t ready to make a heavy upfront investment or have their own dedicated IT staff on-hand.

Imagine being able to watch your business from anywhere, at any time with a smartphone, personal computer or MAC. No need for expensive on-site storage, cameras or equipment. No complex network configuration or IT support required, ever.

But where do you even get started? Let’s cover 4 questions that can help you determine what you need to get started.

Question 1: What Areas Do You Want To Focus On Most?
One of the first things to do is decide what areas to focus on.
Perhaps your focus is on a specific area like a back alley or back door? Maybe it’s monitoring a parking deck, public park or the local University campus dining hall.

Whatever the location, there are different styles of cameras that can work best in different applications.

Here are 3 of the most popular Cameras:

PTZ Cameras, (known as Pan, Tilt, Zoom,) are perfect for use since they have the ability to pan (left and right), tilt (up and down) and zoom. This feature allows you to keep your cameras focused on a particular area and then when something happens, you can view that specific area in greater detail without having to move all the other cameras around.

Dome Cameras are round and can be identified by the dark covering around the lens. These cameras can rotate and allow you to film at a wide angle so you don’t miss anything! They tend to be less intrusive and if placed well, can blend in better with the background.

Bullet Cameras are usually mounted on walls or ceilings and pointed in a certain direction for coverage. They do have limitations since they are only able to record that one direction.

Question 2: What Length of Retention Are You Looking For?
The next step would be to decide how long you want to store your camera footage in the cloud. The range is from 3 days to 180 days. We recommend and most businesses choose 14 days of storage. It’s easy to use whether on your mobile phone with an app, a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Question 3: How Do You Know If Something Happens?
One of the great things is that you can choose! A custom camera system makes it incredibly easy for you to keep an eye on your property, whether you need to see what is happening in real-time or need to be notified if someone broke into your store. The Loitering analytic can help reduce vandalism and trash dumping, while the object or people counting feature can help identify business trends and peak times of day. It’s a great way to protect your business and make customer service much more efficient.

It’s also easy to set Motion Alerts for certain times of the day. For instance setting an alert for hours outside of normal operation at a restaurant or business.
There is also a Line Crossing feature that can detect when areas are breached and can notify you in real-time.
One feature that is really beneficial is object or people counting. This is especially helpful in retail locations. You can easily identify how many people visited a location, your peak business hours, and how often consumers passed a display. You can also reduce vandalism, trash dumping, and break-ins by sending alerts when an individual or vehicle stays in one place too long with Loitering analytic.
It’s a great way to protect your business and make customer service much more efficient.

Question 4: How Can I See My Property from Anywhere?
We recommend one of the best products in the industry for viewing your property remotely from a mobile device on an easy to use app, tablet, or computer. You also have the ability to view multiple locations from one screen. The best part is that it is all stored in the cloud! There is no DVR or designated computer that holds all the footage. Because footage lives in the cloud, you can easily view your property in real time from home, at the pool, on vacation, or even while traveling internationally.

All of these benefits can help you find the winning solution for a cloud based camera system at your property! Gain peace of mind by being able to check on your property, anywhere at anytime! Contact us today

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