“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

Christopher Baggett

Christopher Baggett | Electronic Security Technician

Christoper attended the Highland School of Technology during high school and studied Manufacturing, Engineering, and Drafting. A passion for Computer Aided Drafting and CAD programs was ignited and has grown considerably since that time. 

Born in Greensboro but raised in Gaston County, this NC native holds a wealth of knowledge on all things electronic and has been an incredible resource on our Team and Large Projects. Christopher’s passion for electronics has been utilized as a patient guide for our customers and fellow team mates helping them navigate and troubleshoot issues they may encounter. 

In his free time, Christopher enjoys playing all manner of games from video based to cards, and watching his favorite Hockey team the Flyers play! 

Here’s what Christopher has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“My time with Loc-Doc has been a great learning experience. I am constantly challenged everyday with new products and making the old work with the new.”

Aaron Beaver

Aaron Beaver

Aaron Beaver | Content Creator

Jessica Bennet

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett | Accounting Director

Once a resident of the Queen City, Jessica now calls sunny St. Petersburg her home.  With a MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, love of learning, and work experience in large Corporations, Jessica’s career path ultimately led her to join our team as Accounting Director. Being organized and detailed oriented has been a skill set that has helped improved the billing process, set a standard for our Accounting Department, and has impacted and benefited our Customers. When she’s not crunching numbers and collaborating with her team, Jessica loves spending time with her husband, traveling the Swiss Alps, dreaming of tiny homes, and making us all want to move to Florida with her sunset Instagram posts.

Here’s what Jessica has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 

“I’ve worked for both large and small companies during my career but I have never experienced the type of team atmosphere that Loc-Doc fosters. There are no shortage of instances of individuals stepping up to lend a hand. When I need encouragement or a good laugh, someone is always standing by. This is a company that truly cares about people and it permeates the entire culture.”

Jordan Boatwright

Jordan Boatwright is a professional electronic security technician at Loc-Doc Security

Jordan Boatwright | Electronic Security Technician

Jordan joined our team in 2018 and has really shined with his optimistic outlook and organizational skill set. He has a great understanding of trouble shooting and although new to the security industry, has adapted and become a key part of assisting with large projects as well as the champion of our first ever team lock picking contest. A true happy Camper, Mountain Biker, and outdoor enthusiast, you can find Jordan somewhere in the great outdoors on the weekend or spending time with family in Mooresville.

Here’s what Jordan has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 

“I really enjoy the team atmosphere and how everyone is willing to help you with anything you need. I enjoy learning new things every day and meeting new people.”

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Eric Brown | Account Manager

Meet Eric Brown our Account Manager! Eric was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but now calls Charlotte home. He attended Queens University of Charlotte and majored in Business Communication. This experience and his natural aptitude for problem solving and connecting with people has made him a great addition to our growing team.

In his spare time, Eric loves attending auto races, going fishing, and spending time at High Rock Lake with his family and girlfriend Jayme. He also attends the Indianapolis 500 every year. One interesting thing most people don’t know about Eric is that he grew up racing Bandolero cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Here’s what Eric has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“I’m excited to be a small piece of a great team with Loc-Doc, and I look forward to providing customers a great experience. “

Michael Childress

Michael Childress

Michael Childress | Electronic Security Technician

Michael has had a love for working with computers and electronics ever since the moment he interacted with a Texas Instrument in fifth grade. It was love at first byte and 15 years of computer programing and problem solving later, he is still passionate about electronics.

This has been influential in his career path and provided him with skills that are essential for his position as an Electronic Security Technician with our team. As a security and technology expert, he helps guide and advise our customers with advanced security solutions.

Michael, his wife Kerrie, and two sons Macon and Kallen make their home in Greenville, SC. In his spare time, Michael enjoys singing, songwriting, audio and video production, movies, playing games and spending time with his family and friends

Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark | Locksmith Technician 

Originally from Tennessee, Brandon joined our team this year and has been diligent in learning and implementing our company’s core values. He has shown an eye for detail and accuracy during this training interval and his background in sales and service has helped him empathize and problem solve during in field training with our customers. You can find Brandon enjoying the great outdoors on the weekend, hiking fishing, or watching a Vols game.
Here’s what Brandon has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 
“The atmosphere is nothing like I’ve ever been a part of before…the training I have received has been top notch and the transition as a part of the team has been a smooth and easy process.”

William Garaux

William Garaux | Technician

William Gleaves

William Gleaves is a professional Locksmith Technician at Loc-Doc Security

William Gleaves | Warehouse Manager

A lasagna loving Eagle Scout who once dreamed of being a Shepherd in New Zealand, William joined our team in 2018 as our in house Locksmith! William enjoys running and has a 5k on the horizon. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son and dabbling in photography. 

William has been a great addition to our team with his excellent customer service skills, heart for others, and his excellence at supporting his team! His natural tendency has been to help others so much so that he was voted Rookie of the Year by his team mates! 

William has transitioned to Warehouse Manager ensuring our customers receive their products promptly! If you stop by our office, you will most likely find him with a smile, helping a customer or team mate. 

We are so glad to have William as part of our team!

Here’s what William has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“I really enjoy creating professional relationships with customers and making sure they have the have the smoothest experience they can here. Knowing that I can help people with a problem they’re having is one of the best parts of my job. 

The culture we have at Loc-Doc is like none I’ve ever seen, the moral and friendliness is through the roof and it’s a job that I’m happy to wake up for.” 

Here’s what the Team has to say about William:

“Adaptable and Fun to be around and work with. He never says no, just gets things finished. He’s stepped up big time and he takes pride in his work and is always willing to help those around him.”  

Donald Gray

Donald Gray | Technician

Levi Gray

Levi Gray is Loc-Doc Security's Customer Service Manager

Levi Gray | Customer Service

When you call us, the friendly voice you hear on the line will most likely be Levi Gray. If you chat online with us, you will probably be chatting with Levi. And, if you send an email for service, you guessed it, Levi will respond!

Meet Levi, our key player for Customer Service. Levi is proficient at communicating with customers and within our team! He has helped to build processes to improve customer service and communication! His experience in serving the customer and meeting their needs has helped him develop and excel in his role at Loc-Doc Security.

We appreciate all that Levi does and are happy to have him on our team!

Here’s what Levi has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“First, I love that at LocDoc, I am valued as an individual. I am not just a cog in the machine, but I am a human being, and my ideas, my successes, and my problems are considered as valid and important to the success of the company. This is very empowering and makes me enjoy coming to work!

Second, I love the teamwork here at LocDoc. Through our Wednesday Morning Meetings, Team Huddles, Conference Calls, etc. We are constantly meeting together to hear how we can improve and get ideas from everyone on how to improve them. It is a truly rare thing and provides such a value to the company.” 

Here’s what the Team has to say about Levi:

“He’s very dependable and is constantly looking for ways to improve current processes.  His positive attitude is infectious and makes him a pleasure to be around.” – Nathan Hammer, Service Manager

“Levi is a great critical thinker, it is always nice to have him around when we are exploring new ideas and processes. He also challenges those around him to be in a constant state of learning and improving as an individual and as a team.” Chris Lowery, Managing Partner

Sam Gray

Purchasing Manager Sam Gray

Sam Gray | Purchasing Manager

Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager from Kannapolis, NC has been with our Team for 5 years. A self proclaimed chicken wing fanatic and connoisseur, Sam says he could eat wings every single day of the year! His favorite wings can be found at Seoul Food Meat Company and his favorite candy is Bacon. Yes, I said Bacon. Sam enjoys spending time with his wife Jeana, daughters Moriah & Anderson,  and in his free time likes camping and having epic rap battles.

Sam has been with us during the growing pains and expansion over the last 5 years and is a key part to our success. His quest for knowledge and love for facts has helped organize and improve our Inventory Management. We are so happy to have Sam as a part of our team and look forward to more years together listening to Phil Collins!

Here’s what Sam has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“Loc-Doc is a unique and rare place to work. It is a business that recognizes and rewards hard work. They are intentional about keeping an open door to new ideas and methods in an effort to always be the best. Loc-Doc truly cares about its employees, and they are always there to help them become better people both in and out of the workplace. I enjoy coming to work every day with an amazing team of people who are ready to make an impact on the world and have fun doing it.” 

Here’s what the Team has to say about Sam:

“Sam is a treasure trove of fun facts and trivia. He loves learning and sharing endless tidbits about all things. His dedication to finding and memorizing information comes in handy daily as he assists our team in the constant changing security market. Did I mention that he loves playing the desk drums to Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’?” Chris Lowery, Managing Partner 

Nathan Hammer

Service Manager Nathan Hammer

Nathan Hammer | Service Manager

From Cary, North Carolina, this VOLS fan and lacrosse guru is motivating and coaching our Team on the road to success. Nathan is not only a lacrosse coach in his spare time, but our team coach, encouraging and driving us to surpass our monthly goals! Nathan loves skittles, eating at Common Market, and spending time with his dog Susie.

Here’s what Nathan has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 

“I love the team atmosphere. Great group of people trying to accomplish the same goal.  It’s a great feeling knowing the people you work with care about both my personal and professional growth.” 

Here’s what the Team has to say about Nathan:

“There is never a dull moment with Nathan. He is always looking for ways to change the game, to improve himself and his team. He has played a major role in the progress of our company because of his drive for success. If Nathan is around, you can guarantee 2 things are happening: Hard work and laughter.” Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

“I have enjoyed watching Nathan develop into a powerful motivator for our team. He has an unparalleled passion to succeed in life. Nathan leverages his background in Lacrosse and experience as a High School Lacrosse Coach to help our team exceed our daily and monthly goals.” Chris Lowery, Managing Partner

“Nathan is a “coach” for our technicians onsite. He is constantly asking “What can I do to help?” And looking for ways to improve our processes. He keeps our eyes on the prize every week by reminding us where we are at and what our goals are.” Levi Gray, Customer Service

Thomas Heavey

Thomas Heavey

Thomas Heavey | Training Director

North Carolina Native, United States Coast Guard Veteran, Pittsburgh Steelers Fan, Disney Enthusiast, Pit Master and most recently Captain of the Lake. Thomas is one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet! 

Thomas started as one of our door and lock specialists and has been a solid addition to our team. His natural abilities and leadership skills have been a boon to our growing company and has allowed him to transition into a Training Role. He is always ready and willing to go the extra mile for our customers and has been a problem solver in the field helping other teammates. As the Training Director, he is responsible for ensuring our team is equipped with knowledge and real world experience so we can exceed industry standards and our customers expectations. Thomas received the #alwaysimproving award in 2018 voted on by his peers and continues to improve and exceed daily! 

Husband, father, and all around great guy, you can find Thomas on the weekend coaching a sports team, roasting whole pigs, and just hanging with his family! 

We are happy to have Thomas on our team! 

Here’s what Thomas has to say about Loc-Doc: 

“I really enjoy being about to solve problems for people. I enjoy the people we interact with. This company is driven in the right direction. In my life journey and my faith journey, this company lines up with my goals.”

Here’s what the Team has to say about Thomas: 

“Thomas is a great addition to our team – he prioritizes quality work and really focuses on making sure the customer is satisfied.” – Chad Lingafelt, Managing Partner

Cameron Hurd

Cameron Hurd | Electronic Security Technician

Andrew Ingram

Andrew Ingram

Andrew Ingram | Accounting Specialist

Roman Klimenko

Roman Klimenko

Roman Klimenko | Locksmith Technician

Chad Lingafelt

Chad Lingafelt

Chad Lingafelt | Managing Partner

In 2004, after switching careers from Radio Broadcasting, Chad took a chance on an opportunity in a new industry as a trainee technician with Loc-Doc, Inc. Over time, he developed a cloud based work order and customer management system that cultivated a rapid growing environment at Loc-Doc.

In 2012, after developing an operational structure, Chad entered into Partnership and has led and grown Loc-Doc to a team of over 40. His ideas and vision set the course we are on now of expansion! He continues to help his teammates develop and succeed independently in their roles with 1 on 1 mentoring and training sessions.  

Since 2014, Chad has documented growing pains, inner workings of our structure, and how to develop a culture of teamwork with videos distributed on YouTube so other entrepreneurs could learn through his experiences. This desire to help others continues with personal consulting and mentoring of other business leaders.

In 2018 he crafted & implemented our Core Values to be a guide for our team’s operation, started the Coffee Break Podcast, & launched local mobile service in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas.

In 2019 he created and launched our Digital Content Creation division and added to our App Development team opening up opportunities to provide these services to others in the Security Industry.  

Loc-Doc Security is now known for its innovative infrastructure and precise ability to implement new products and solutions. The company now maintains a growing Locksmith and Door division, the rapidly growing Electronic Security division, and The Lab, a Digital Content Creation and Software & App Development division. 

In March of 2020, Chad launched a virtual business meeting as a place to provide consulting to other business leaders, owners, & entrepreneurs specifically in the Security Industry. These business meetings have been entrenched with positive encouraging action & have helped multiple Security businesses across the country develop plans & take actionable steps to survive the pandemic.

Join Chad Lingafelt at businessmeeting.online for a virtual meeting Monday & Wednesday 4pm EST. Participate in the forward focused conversation. Business owners and leaders across the country are coming together to share ideas and brainstorm and you can be a part of this growing community! Visit businessmeeting.online to make a free account, join the chat in the online forum, and connect with other business leaders across the country!

In August of 2020, Chad finalized the acquisition of Ellis Bicycle shop and our second location was launched in Anderson, SC. Chad has taken strides to implement procedures for our second location so they are empowered to develop relationships with clients independently.

Chad has continued to teach other entrepreneurs how to scale their business and how to develop great culture through classes and education series. He’s also written several articles for the Locksmith Ledger on building sales, controlling inventory management, choosing the right software for your business, and been a guest on other podcasts where he’s weighed in on what installers want from manufacturers and other business practices.

Chad is married to his High School sweetheart Jessica, has 2 wildly adventurous children Katie & Clark, and has owned  4 drones…two lost to the wild and 2 currently still working.  He loves New York City, technology, Apple products, a freshly pulled espresso shot, and his family…but not necessarily in that order. You can find him on the weekend with his family and a latte in hand, and during the week, with his team that’s like family with a latte in hand. Let’s just say Chad really likes coffee…a latte.

Here’s what the Team has to say about Chad:

Chad is a true visionary. He is constantly seeking to be better today than he was yesterday and he is always hopeful for the future. His attitude is infectious, and everyone around him is encouraged by his leadership and his desire not only to improve himself but to help everyone around him to improve as well.” Levi Gray, Customer Service

“Chad is the beating heart of Loc-Doc Security. His passion and motivation encourage each of us daily. Chad makes sure that every employee is appreciated and valued. Every morning he goes out of his way to say “Hello” to each team member. He is the definition of an excellent boss. Chad has grown a work family atmosphere, that I am proud to be a part of!” Allyson Tyler

“Chad is more than just a boss. I consider him a friend and confidant as well. He has always taken the time to listen and help no matter the situation. He respects every one of our ideas and opinions. Chad stays calm and cool under pressure and inspires me everyday.” Zach Phifer, Account Manager

“To say I like working with him is an understatement. When Chad walks into a room, everyone perks up. When he speaks, they understand. And come idea time, everyone shares in his Dream. Chad never loses site of what is important in a business, the people.  He grooms the culture, simultaneously teaching and helping the organization grow.” Lucas Ward

Jessica Lingafelt

Jessica Lingafelt

Jessica Lingafelt | Digital Marketing Director

A certified Military Brat, Jessica spent her childhood traveling the globe, quickly learning how to adapt to different cultures, and the importance of connecting with people. This early life skill became a stepping stone that would prepare her for her role at Loc-Doc and ultimately Creative Division the Lab.  With a degree in Business Marketing, a decade of blogging, and an aptitude for all things social media, she has been carefully curating our brands voice, offering marketing consulting for other entities, and is always on top of trending topics. A multifaceted individual, you can find her casting actors, copywriting, Producing commercials, and managing projects for our Creative Division and on alternate days, curating our social feeds, organizing internal productions, updating our website, and event planning for internal and external events.

Some of her daily inspiration come from marketing gurus Gary V, Donald Miller, and YouTube Creators Casey Neistat, Sailing La Vagabonde, Disney Food Blog, and Bon Appetit! You can see these influences in her posts, emails, graphics, infographs, blogs, thumbnails, and collaborations with other industry partners. 

Jessica adores her two children Katie and Clark, and dedicates most of her phone space to pictures of their everyday life. She is addicted to researching, extra dark chocolate, TikTok, and loves to travel to new places. Follow Jessica on Instagram @JessLingafelt or connect on LinkedIn!

Chris Lowery

Chris Lowery | Managing Partner

Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer Lowery | HR Benefits / Accounting

Born in Tampa, Florida but a 20 year resident of the Queen City, North Carolina is the place Jennifer calls home. She joined our team with a background in office management and experience in the insurance industry. With a heart for helping people, she’s been supporting the Accounting Team and HR for the last 12 years. Her passion for helping doesn’t end with accounting and HR, it extends to health & nutrition, and a lifelong love of music. 

Jennifer loves to sing with the kids she volunteers with at church and is enthusiastic about music as well as her favorite treat ice cream. When not working, you can find Jennifer going on new adventures with her husband of 20 years, spending time with her two children, and spoiling her golden doodle Sydney. 

Dan Maloney

Dan Maloney | Content Creator

Dylan Martinez

Dylan Martinez | Technician

Leonard McConniel

Locksmith Technician Leonard McConniel

Leonard McConniel | Locksmith Technician

Vladimir Melnikov

Vladimir Melnikov | Locksmith Technician

Andrew Moody

Field Supervisor - Electronic Security

Andrew Moody | Project Manager – Electronic Security Division

Andrew Moody has completely transformed himself since joining our team and Consistently exhibited the type of leadership skills in line with our Company Culture. We are so happy he is transitioning to the role of Project Manager of Electronic Security and equipping him to lead his team. Originally from Mooresville, NC, Andrew loves the outdoors, fishing, hunting, woodworking, and doughnuts! 

As a part of the Electronic Security Team, Andrew is really focused on doing quality work and setting a precedent of excellence in the field. Andrew brings adaptability and versatility being able to work with mechanical and electronic devices. We appreciate all that Andrew brings, his standard of excellence, and we are proud to have him on our team! 

Here’s what Andrew has to say about Loc-Doc:

“I love coming to work everyday knowing that I am part of a team, and that if I need help or just a pick me up someone is there for me.  Loc-Doc has created a culture that I have not seen at any other job I’ve ever had, and it’s awesome to be apart of.  My favorite part about my job is being able to wake up in the mornings and not dread going to work because of the environment and team that I get to be apart of. I enjoy what I do because I get to work with a great team and each day presents new challenges.”

Here’s what the Team has to say about Andrew: 

“Andrew brings a unique perspective and intentionality to his work and he is very passionate about making sure things are done the right way.”  – Chad Lingafelt, Managing Partner

McDouglas Perez

Accounting Assistant McDouglas Perez

McDouglas Perez | Accounts Receivable

Originally from Ceres, California (a tiny suburb outside of San Francisco), McDouglas has made China Grove, NC (a tiny suburb outside of Charlotte) his home. 

He is an avid runner and just like the mailman, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep him from getting those miles. Because of all that running, he can devour ice cream like nobody’s business. 

McDouglas has an upbeat friendly outlook that draws people to him. Its this positive attitude that makes interactions with him, even though they usually are accounting related, a pleasure. 

He loves hiking, volleyball, DIY projects and spending time with his wife Elisabeth. Before coming to LocDoc, he was a Barista and can make a mean latte!  

Here’s what McDouglas has to say about Loc-Doc: 

“The family and team environment that exists makes working here very enjoyable. There is always something that requires research and communicating with multiple people.” – McDouglas Perez, Accounts Receivable 

Here’s what the Team has to say about McDouglas: 

“McDouglas’ extreme level of organization with regards to accounting is unmatched.  He is always open to change, never without a smile, and a pleasure to work with!“ – Lucas Ward, App Developer

“Mcdouglas is an awesome guy to work with. He is always energetic and positive in every situation, and I don’t think he’s ever walked in to work without a smile on his face.” – Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

“McDouglas is a wonderful coworker! He is always friendly and willing to help out with a situation. You can always count on McDouglas to add positivity and encouragement to the conversation, whether it’s on the clock or off.” – Levi Gray, Customer Service

“It’s hard to catch McDouglas without a smile on his face. People are naturally drawn to his energy and down to earth personality. When McDouglas takes a break from his work, it isn’t abnormal to find him lending a listening ear in support of a colleague. In addition to being a good listener, he brings creativity, discipline, and consistency to the team.” – Jessica Bennett, Accounting Director

Zach Phifer

Account Manager Zach Phifer
Zach Phifer | Account Manager

North Carolina native and true southern gentleman, Zach Phifer, hails from Indian Trail and is one of the most charming people you will meet. He enjoys Paddle Boarding, and can be found on the weekend hanging with his lovely wife Holly. With 4 years of experience in the Lock and Security industry and a background in Criminal Justice he is here to help provide you with a custom solution and guide you through the entire process!

Here’s what Zach has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“I love being able to work with passionate people. There is a genuine feeling of cooperation and shared goals that revolve around helping our customers. I like being an account manager because I enjoy talking to people.” 

Here’s what the Team has to say about Zach:


“He is the ultimate team player. Consistently is doing the right thing even when others aren’t around. Always willing to stop what he’s doing to help others achieve the goal that they’re trying to accomplish.” Nathan Hammer,  Service Manager

“The best thing about working with Zach is I can trust him to do what he says he will do. When I come to him with an issue, he immediately picks up his phone to resolve the issue. He is a go getter and a huge team player!”  Levi Gray, Customer Service 

“Zach puts the team first and is willing to do any task that will make the team successful.”  Chad Lingafelt, Managing Partner

Genadiy Shamshur

Genadiy Shamshur

Genadiy Shamshur | Electronic Security Technician

Sergey Shamshur

Locksmith Technician Sergey Shamshur

Sergey Shamshur | Locksmith Technician

Always with a smile and a joke, Sergey has one of the best attitudes and you always walk away smiling after being around him. Driven and one of the top producing technicians on our team. He’s won over 4 internal contests and earned the nickname Tiger! Just like a tiger, he goes after a goal with precision and noticeable results. 

Originally from Belarus (the same country as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk) and with over 20 years in the Security industry, Sergey is making a dramatic impact in the success of our team. 

He loves being outdoors, going to the shooting range, hunting, and spending time with his family. One of his favorite restaurants is P.F. Changs, and he enjoys sharing bits of his culture (including sweets) with our team. 

We are proud to have such a great and happy member on our team! 

Here’s what Sergey has to say about Loc-Doc: 

“I love helping my teammates figure out how things work and knowing that I’ve passed my knowledge to someone who could really use it. I enjoy the team and great attitudes around me. Really love what I do! Love how everyone will help me out when I need it.”

Here’s what the Team has to say about Sergey: 

“Sergey is a true professional.  He always has a positive attitude and is extremely motivated and driven to complete the task at hand.“ – Nathan Hammer, Service Manager

“Sergey is one of a kind. Not only is he among the most skilled and efficient locksmiths I know, but his attitude and work ethic are unmatched. When he puts his mind to something, it is not a question of if it will be done, only when. We are more than lucky to have him on our team.” – Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

Genadiy Shamshur

Craig Smith | Electronic Security Technician

Josh Smith

Locksmith Technician Josh Smith

Josh Smith | Locksmith Technician

Josh is originally from Gastonia, NC but relocated to South Carolina as part of our Greenville Expansion team. If you know Josh, you know about his wife Lynn, and three children, Christian, Jayden, and Peyton! Josh is a big family man and enjoys weekly family game nights, Dance Battles, and Family trips to Disney! When he’s not participating in a sing off, you can find him coaching Youth Sports teams and helping local children in the community develop into strong leaders. 

Here at LocDoc he exhibits the same. Josh has taken several new team members under his wing and helped to mentor, guide, and coach in field work so they can develop the skill sets to become independent leaders. 

Here’s what Josh has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“There are no two days alike. Having something new everyday to learn and grow from is amazing. I feel so accomplished when I complete something that I’ve never done before. One of the things I love about working at LocDoc, no matter what you get yourself into in the field, you know you can count on your teammates to help you out. It’s an awesome culture and they look after you, not only on the business side, but also more on the personal side. I’m a better husband, father and leader because of LocDoc. I love working at LocDoc and more importantly my family loves that I work at LocDoc!”

Lynn Smith


Lynn Smith | Customer Service

Eric Spear

Eric Spear is a professional locksmith at Loc-Doc Security in Charlotte

Eric Spear | Locksmith Technician

Eric was born and raised in Clover, SC. He loves learning new things and has always had a passion for figuring out how small mechanical objects work. This passion and mechanically inclined ability has been a boon to our team! Eric has been an instrumental part of completing big projects since his arrival. 

In his spare time, he enjoys cinematography, old movies, playing airsoft, and impressing the team with his piano playing abilities. 

Here’s what Eric has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“Working at Loc Doc has been a game changer for me. Everybody is positive and encouraging, and has helped me grow more than I thought was possible. Working here is more than being apart of a team, it’s being apart of an evolutionary machine that acknowledges when something isn’t working and changes to over come that issue.”

Kevan Starr

Account Manager Kevan Starr
Kevan Starr | Account Manager


Talented home cook, expert fisherman, and all around good guy, Kevan Starr is one in a million. With 5 years of experience in the Commercial Construction Industry, he is an expert at quickly assessing and guiding you to the right custom solution for your security needs! A local from good ol’ Mt Pleasant, he enjoys hiking, camping, finding great eats while traveling, and spending time with his wife Cammy and two sons.

Derek Tyler

Electronic Security Technician Derek Tyler

Derek Tyler | Electronic Security Technician

Derek has built a solid reputation within our company as “THE Guy you WANT on your team”. He is the ultimate team player. The first to volunteer to help out on projects, consistently reliable, and maintains a positive attitude that influences those around him. 

Experience as a former high school football nose tackle on the defensive line helped craft the team mentality he now exhibits daily. This core value of refined quality is shown in his work that ensures our customers are satisfied.  

Derek is a huge family man and loves to spend time with his wife Britney and daughter Adalyn. He also loves the outdoors, fishing, camping, shooting, & hiking and would love to visit Alaska! 

Here’s what Derek has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 

“I love the atmosphere we have at Loc-Doc. It makes you want to be a better person at home as well at work. It does not feel like you are at work when you’re here; it’s more like a hobby and we are like a family.”

Dylan Tyler

Locksmith Technician Dylan Tyler

Dylan Tyler | Locksmith Technician

Dylan Tyler, originally from New York, has lived in North Carolina since he was two. He enjoys the outdoors, shooting guns, and has an interest in farming. In his spare time, he can be found spending time with his lovely wife Allyson and Golden Retrievers Crush & Winnie. Dylan’s passion for the locksmith trade was established when he would observe and assist his father, Mike, in the back of his Loc-Doc Service Van. Dylan has been with our team for 4 years and still exhibits that original passion for assisting customers with their security!

Mike Tyler

Project Manager Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler | Project Manager

Community leader, dedicated family man, and always with a great attitude and smile! We are talking about one of our favorite team members, Mike Tyler! Mike has been an important step in our company’s growth. As a Project Manager, he guides, advises, and leads on major projects. He also serves as a living example of faithfulness to his team. Dedicated, knowledgeable, and always willing to help in any situation, we wouldn’t be as successful without his positive attitude and work ethic.

Here’s what Mike has to say about working at Loc-Doc Security:

“Customers always like honesty. At Loc-Doc Security they call the employees to be better people. They believe they are in the people business, not the security business. I recently spent some time with our peers and realized that a lot of companies out there look at the bottom line more then improving their people. At the end of the day, if you have happy positive employees, they will do what is right for the customer, and the customer will call and tell others about Loc-Doc. Once you have established a reputation of caring, everything grows.

As a project manager at Loc-Doc Security, I am encouraged to grow and make decisions. If a mistake is made, we get together as a team, come up with the answer, and roll with it. I am a better husband, father, and leader because of the atmosphere I am in daily.”  Mike Tyler, Field Supervisor

Here’s what the team has to say about Mike:

“He doesn’t make excuses. He just makes it happen. Many times before we were finished deciding what needed to be done, Mike had already done it.” Chad Lingafelt, Managing Partner

“Mike Tyler is never afraid to get his boots on the ground and get his hands dirty. He is a key piece of the puzzle at Loc Doc, by pushing our team forward to get the job done and get it done right. He brings many things to the table like his wisdom and his work ethic.“ Levi Gray, Customer Service

“Mike is a go-getter. He always takes that extra step to make sure everyone is on the same page, and is willing to go above and beyond what is required to help his team. Mike is very generous with his knowledge and experience, and never hesitates to take the time to help train and educate everyone around him. If you are looking to improve yourself and have fun doing it, Mike’s the guy you want beside you.”  Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

“He’s a winner and a natural leader. He assert his professionalism by leading by example and always willing to help others in need.” Nathan Hammer, Service Manager