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4 Ways to Improve Your Budget in 2020 with Access Control Upgrades

In previous posts, we have briefly touched on the various benefits that an access control

June 17, 2019

School Systems Budgets: 4 Things to Consider When Planning for 2020 Summer

At Loc Doc Security, we have done quite a few large scale projects for various schools and

June 11, 2019

3 Reasons to Budget for Security Improvements in 2020

The time of year has come to start thinking about next years budget. It is a common strugg

June 3, 2019

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Locked out of Your House

Have you ever hurried out of your house or business, locked the door, and run to the car,

May 30, 2019

Door Closer Slamming? Tips for Adjustment

If you have ever experienced issues with a door closer, you know that it can create a myri

May 24, 2019

How Are You Communicating?

In the Business world Communication is Key! Learning how to communicate with people comes

February 28, 2019

5 Questions About Pool Security 

5 Most Common Questions About Pool Security  Ask the Doc is a new series where we  answe

January 22, 2019


Steps to Protect Your Front Door from Kick In Often times we focus on increasing coverage

November 17, 2018

Coffee Break Podcast – E12 – Building Robots with Diversified Robotic

Greg Whitus contacted us on Linkedin and we’ve connected a few times to discuss ways

October 30, 2018

Coffee Break Podcast – E11 – Defined EXPECTATIONS

Episode 11 we are discussing our first Core Value Defined EXPECTATIONS Don’t be frus

October 23, 2018

Coffee Break Podcast – E10 – Marketing with Marvel

Episode 10 – October 16, 2018 ——– Professional Photographer Austin

October 16, 2018

Coffee Break Podcast – E9 – Ben Sultze – ASSA ABLOY

Description Ben Sultze from ASSA ABLOY joins us in studio for Coffee and a discussion abou

October 9, 2018

Coffee Break Podcast – E8 – I Need Some Space

Description Commercial Real Estate is a industry affecting many other industries. We sit d

October 2, 2018

Know Who Enters Your Location with Our Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

As a business owner, have you ever worried about your company’s security? Is your office

September 5, 2018