Commercial Locksmith, Matthews, NC Posted by Loc-Doc July 30th, 2017

The next time you need a commercial locksmith for your Matthews, NC business, contact our experienced experts here at Loc-Doc, Inc.

Commercial Locksmith

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Commercial Locksmith in Matthews – When you think of a commercial locksmith, what comes to mind? Is it an individual who can open the locks of your business? Someone who uses their locksmith skills for commercial uses? Here at Loc-Doc, Inc., we want you to feel confident that your place of business is secure. That’s why our commercial locksmith services include more than unlocking doors.

We can also ensure that your business is secure through a variety of measures, including:

Commercial Access Control – Having access to your place of business by many different people is a necessity of business, but controlling that access will keep your business safe. If you have an employee who is constantly losing their keys, access control is a great option to ensure that those keys aren’t used by just anyone. These systems can be changed and controlled by an authorized person relatively easily and quickly.

Commercial Alarm Systems – Doing more than just making noise to deter criminals, alarm systems installed by commercial locksmiths can let you know if there are other cases of emergency, such as break-ins, fire, smoke, water, or other serious problems.

Commercial CCTV – Closed circuit television, or CCTV, is a wonderful way to have eyes on your business when you can’t be there. While you can watch what is occurring in your building from a distance, it has several other uses, as well, such as a deterrent to crime, providing proof of occurrences for insurance purposes, and enabling you to see who is in your building at any given time.

Three Key Benefits of Commercial Access Control

  1. Employee Turnover – If an employee leaves the company, you can simply have them return their access card for easier management.
  2. Multi-Shift Workers – Do you have employees who need access day and night? Commercial access control is an easy solution. You can even assign individual access codes for monitoring purposes.
  3. Restricted Areas – If you have one or more areas that require restricted access, access control is a great way to ensure that only those who should be permitted are allowed entry.

The next time you need a commercial locksmith for your Matthews, NC business, contact our experienced experts here at Loc-Doc, Inc. We want to help you ensure that your business is as secure as possible!

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