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COVID-19 Coronavirus Operations

Daily Health Check

Every team member will be filling out a daily report on their current health status with regards to symptoms potential to the COVID-19 virus or any fever related illness.

Virtual Meetings

In an effort to be socially responsible, we are holding virtual Team Meetings with our whole team and smaller meetings in person.

Consistent Communication

Daily Leadership Meetings and briefings from each department to assess the situation and make decisions for the coming day

Unexpected Cleanliness

An increased cleaning cycle on major touch points in offices & job sites. Providing our team members with Personal Protective Equipment like Masks, Gloves, additional cleaning supplies, and daily support check ins.

Operation Status



Service Technicians


CLT Office Support


Remote Team


Cases of COVID-19

As an organization, our sole mission is to help our customers protect their people and their property. We take this responsibility very seriously especially at a time like this when properties are potentially sitting vacant and when people need security more than ever in an ever changing uncertain time. We are walking through this with you and want you to know that we are here to help you get through this difficult, tumultuous time.

The daily reports are continually changing the way we are making decisions. We wanted to share a few things with you. Right now, we are focusing on protecting the health and safety of our team and the customers we serve daily. When it comes to tough decisions, we turn to our core values for guidance.

As the news of this outbreak began to surface, our leadership team gathered through a video conference to discuss how we will operate as an organization. One of the first things we discussed was our mission, our core values, and how they apply to the decisions that we have to make over the coming days. As a small business employing nearly 40 people, these decisions don’t come easy. We crafted these factors to utilize across our organization to make decisions going forward. We also understand that this situation is very fluid and we will have to adapt accordingly.

Unexpected Cleanliness: This has been a core value of ours and during this time we hold this value in even higher regard. We want to make sure that every decision we make will result in the health and safety of our team being protected as well as our customers. In light of this, we have implemented the following: (in our offices and while on job sites)

Office Facilities An increased cleaning cycle on major touch points including but not limited to door handles, light switches, restroom facilities, coffee bar, and break room. While this helps to continue to keep our office area clean, we are also ramping up cleaning on job sites.

Job Sites We have provided our team members with additional cleaning supplies, resources, and disposable gloves for technicians in the field. As technology evolved over the past decade, we’ve been able to offer remote tech support as well as Video troubleshooting for our customers and we will continue to offer this service as an alternative to onsite visits.

Health Reports Effective Wednesday (3/18/20), each team member will be filling out a daily report on their current health status with regards to symptoms potential to the COVID-19 virus or any fever related illness. If they are showing any signs of the symptoms, we are asking them to stay home and isolate themselves. We are also requesting that they be tested for the virus, and in the case that anyone is positive, we can communicate that to our team and make adjustments as necessary.

Defined Expectations & Consistent Communication: We’re dedicated to clearly defining our priorities and objectives on a daily basis and consistently communicating with our team and our customers. We have implemented Daily Leadership Meetings and briefings from each department to assess the situation and make decisions for the coming day. We believe that our company, our community and our country will be stronger after this is resolved. In the meantime, one thing that we can control is the level of communication to ensure confidence as we move forward.

These decisions are not easy, and they continue to get increasingly difficult every single day. However, I wanted to impress upon you the following message to the Community we have served for the past 37 years. I believe in our mission. I believe that what we do is important. I believe that our team is amazing. And finally, I believe that ultimately, we will be OK.

We will weather this storm like the others that have come before. We will continue to serve our customers as requested and will follow all safety precautions and health recommendations from the CDC as well as complying with all recommendations and requirements for our customers at their facilities. We appreciate our customers, our vendors, and most definitely our team and the continued support we’ve received.

We are here for you and will continue to help you protect your people & property.

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