Our Core Values are the behaviors we repeat in order to get business done. We review our Core Values every Wednesday with our team. Why do we have such an emphasis on these Core Values? Simply because they act as our guide when navigating through the work week.

One of our Core Values Intentional Execution ensures that we take Prior Planning to a whole new level. That means being prepared for the job before we arrive on site. From planning out a project, ordering the right parts, to knowing what gets installed where! We can help you plan an entire project from start to finish!

Unexpected cleanliness doesn’t just apply to job sites, but to our offices, service vehicles, and overall appearance. We do our best daily to leave whatever space we occupy cleaner than when we started. We’re no Marie Kondo, but can appreciate the simplicity of a clean space! Which one you would choose, a dirty and disorganized workspace or a tidy clean one? 

Refined Quality is one of the core values that we ensure our team understands and is able to exhibit. We train extensively each week for quality so that no matter who’s helping a customer, they will receive consistent service from every team member. No shortcuts. Just the job done right with the highest quality.

It can be scary having tough conversations but ultimately, being honest in all aspects builds trust. Have you had a time where Courageous Honesty was tough but ultimately worth it?

Trust is one of the most important components for a lasting relationship. Cultivating Trust takes time, being reliable, and making yourself vulnerable.

This is a simple one. Do you remember the Golden Rule from childhood? Basically, it’s treating others how you would like to be treated. Outrageous kindness is treating everyone you come in contact with better than how you would want to be treated. We happily take it to another level.

Clearly defining what to expect is our goal. Whether thats with fellow team mates or with our customers. Having Defined Expectations helps eliminate frustrations.

Consistency is about creating a pattern that will turn into a habit that will ultimately become a discipline. Applying Consistency to Communication can be challenging at first, but is essential for customer confidence and team relationships!