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  1. Our technician's are professional and mobile

    Loc-Doc Security Founded

    Bob Katz Launches First Truck

    In the early 1980’s, Bob Katz, a retired door to door apparel salesman decided to start a locksmith company.  After completing a Foley-Belsaw Locksmith course, he built a key machine and started what is now known as Loc-Doc, Inc.  Bob Katz created a reputation for our company as Charlotte’s Professional Locksmith service with a primary focus on customer service, quality parts and top notch installations.  After starting the company out of his conversion van, Katz purchased an old box truck that he and his son, Chris Katz transformed into the first official Loc-Doc service truck.

  2. Access control system with keypad and screen on a storefront

    Enter Chris Lowery

    Electronics Security Division is Born

    After operating the business for about 10 years, Katz understood the future of security and locks would move into electronics.  At that time, he began searching for the first employee of Loc-Doc to help jump start the company into the electronics segment of Access Control and CCTV.  Chris Lowery was fresh out of technical college at ECPI and started with Bob and Chris Katz in 1992.
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    Dennis Lowery Joins the Team

    During the late 90’s Chris Lowery’s father, Dennis Lowery joined the team as the 3rd technician. Dennis began primarily answering the phones during that time and began developing the dispatch processes of the quickly growing company.
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    4 Service Vans

    Loc-Doc Experiences More Growth

    In 2003, Loc-Doc, Inc had grown to 4 service vans across Charlotte servicing Hospitals, New Construction, Business Parks, Residential and Commercial tenants for locksmith, door and access control services.
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    Business Development

    Focus on Process Improvement

    In 2004, the company shifted focus to become more intentional with business development.  Dennis came off the road to exclusively answer incoming phone calls as well as coordinate service calls and projects with technicians and customers. During that same year, Chris and Dennis began transition of ownership from Bob Katz as he started retirement.
  6. Loc-Doc, Inc. We believe there's a better way

    Opportunity Knocks

    Chad Lingafelt Joins Our Team

    In August of 2004, after switching careers from Radio Broadcasting, Chad Lingafelt took a chance on an opportunity in a new industry as a trainee technician with Loc-Doc, Inc. and began learning the trade. 
  7. Loc-Doc, Inc. We believe there's a better way

    More Growth

    Chris Lowery Comes off the Road and a 5th Service Truck is Launched

    In 2006, Chris Lowery moved out of a service truck to focus on company operations and accounting structure.  During this time, a 5th service truck was launched.  Loc-Doc continued to grow in the access control markets and establish a larger presence in locksmith services and door services.
  8. Loc-Doc, Inc. We believe there's a better way

    Entering The Digital Age

    ReDesign of LocDoc.net

    Chad Lingafelt redesigned and updated our website to better represent the company.
  9. Loc-Doc, Inc. We believe there's a better way

    Our Department Expands

    Jennifer Lowery Joins Our Team

    Jennifer Lowery joins the team as Accounting Assistant and begins setting up Resources for benefits for our Team.
  10. Loc-Doc Security Head Quarters 2015

    First Physical Location

    Chad Lingafelt Transitions to Purchasing & Sales Manager

    As the transition of ownership was completed in 2009, Loc-Doc launched its first physical location at 4101-H Stuart Andrew Blvd offering service to walk-in customers and a central hub for all of our dispatch operations. Chad Lingafelt came off the road and transitioned from Technician to Purchasing Manager and took on Managing Sales and Projects.
  11. Loc-Doc Security is an award winning Medeco and Assa Abloy approved dealer.

    Growth Spurt

    Continued Focus on Business Development

    Following the launch of a central operations office in Charlotte, NC, our company growth and transition was a constant. Chad Lingafelt moved into Operation Management, Chris Lowery continued to streamline Accounting processes and together Strategic moves were made to partner with ASSA ABLOY. After becoming a Medeco Security Center in 2009 , We were part of an Elite group of Security Professionals across the World committed to providing superior service, installation and support of ASSA ABLOY Door Opening Solutions.                                                                                                      
  12. Growing Pains

    We Get Stronger

    In 2012, Dennis Lowery retired from business operations. Day to day management of the business and future development was headed by Chad Lingafelt and Chris Lowery. Chad Lingafelt began to develop a cloud based work order and customer management system that cultivated a rapid growing environment at Loc-Doc.
  13. Purchasing Manager Sam Gray

    Step by Step

    Inventory Manager Joins Our Team

    Sam Gray joins our team as Purchasing Manager and helps organize and improve our Inventory Management.
  14. Loc-Doc Security is an award winning medeco security dealer. Changes the rules, win the game

    A New Season

    Chad Becomes Managing Partner

    After developing an operational structure, Chad Lingafelt entered into a Business Partnership with Chris Lowery. Chad Lingafelt, as Managing Partner and Co-Owner, continued to work on business development and setting vision for the growth of the company. During this time, additional service trucks and team members were added as our customer base continued to expand.
  15. Culture Trumps Strategy

    Building A Team Culture

    After reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, Chad Lingafelt began to build a Culture of Team Work and to change the atmosphere within the organization beginning with himself. Over time, he crafted a unique interviewing process to find the right people to join our team and a strategy to cultivate growth.
  16. Service Manager Nathan Hammer

    Customer Service Expansion

    Service Manager Joins Our Team

    Nathan Hammer comes on board as Service Manager and motivates and coaches our team to grow.
  17. Continual Growth

    Jessica Lingafelt Joins Our Team

    Jessica Lingafelt joins the team initially as internal support for Invoice Accuracy. After the implementation of invoice automation in 2016, she transitioned to Director of Social Media utilizing years of blogging experience and aptitude for social media platforms to expand our brand. She tells Our Company’s story post by post and works on strategies for future markets.

  18. High resolution youtube logo

    Digital Media Blitz

    Standing Out in the Industry

    Beginning in 2015, Chad Lingafelt began posting on YouTube and other social media platforms to share product information and establish a presence in the local market. 
  19. Loc-Doc Security - Security solutions for over 30 years

    Rebranding Our Company

    Dropping the Inc

    In order to communicate clearly to our customers that we were more than just Locksmiths, Chad Lingafelt began the process of rebranding Loc-Doc Inc to Loc-Doc Security. Loc-Doc Security is now known for its innovative infrastructure and precise ability to implement new products and solutions. The company maintains a growing Locksmith and Door division and the rapidly growing Integration division.
  20. Account Manager Zach Phifer

    Sales Team Launch

    Zach Phifer transitions from Technician to Account Manager

    With 4 years of experience in the Lock and Security industry and a background in Criminal Justice, Zach Phifer was the next step in building a Sales Team. 
  21. Customer Service Levi Gray

    An Expansion in Customer Service

    Levi Gray Joins the Team

    Levi Gray joins the Team and immediately makes an impact. Levi’s proficiency at communicating with customers and within our team helps growth excel! He has helped to build processes to improve customer service and communication!
  22. Rapid Response Vehicle - Deliveries in under 60 minutes

    Rapid Response

    Deliveries in under 60 minutes

    The launch of our Smart Car took customer service up another level. Delivering keys, fobs, and locks to our customers in under 60 minutes is just another way we are improving our customers experience. It has also been transformational in delivering parts or products to team members in the field.
  23. Accounting Director Jessica Bennet

    Accounting Expands

    Accounting Department Grows

    The Accounting Department gains an organizational structure with the addition of a Director, Jessica Bennet. The Accounting Team, with supporting team mates McDouglas Perez, Allyson Tyler, and Jennifer Lowery, ensures efficiency and accuracy allowing us to continue to expand and grow in our market.
  24. Rebranding Continues

    Our Fleet Undergoes Upgrades

    Following the launch of Loc-Doc Security, our fleet was upgraded and rebranded with new graphics. Our Signature Green logo is featured prominently on our fleet and is instantly recognizable by Customers in our Market. The uniformity across all the vehicles from smart car to trailers, helps us stand out.
  25. Documenting

    A Transparency Strategy

    Beginning in 2015, Chad Lingafelt began documenting growing pains, small business insights, and personal experiences. He has revealed how we are building structure and developing a culture of teamwork through short videos distributed on YouTube and other social media platforms allowing other companies the ability to learn through Loc-Doc’s experiences.
  26. Field Supervisors at Loc-Doc Security

    Project Management

    Launching 2 Field Supervisors

    With the team growing by leaps, we transitioned Mike Tyler and Luke Hanson from Lead Technicians to Field Supervisors. Mike is now leading the traditional lock, door, and safe technicians, while Luke leads the Electronic Division supporting Access Control, Key Management, and Cameras.
  27. Opening Management System

    The simple way we are improving your experience

    The Creation of our Opening Management System goes live. We created a way to Simplify, Organize, and Mange Customer information. 
  28. App Developer Lucas Ward

    App Development

    A Step Toward the Future

    After building the framework for our Opening Data Management System, Chad Lingafelt began the search for an App Developer to focus on the development and expansion. Lucas Ward joined our team to develop and improve our systems and help our company stay on the cutting edge. 
  29. Account Manager Kevan Starr

    Growing Again

    Sales Team Expansion

    Kevan Starr joins our Sales Team as Account Manager adding another layer of service and Commercial experience. 
  30. Social Media Influencer

    How Sharing Our Story Led to Opportunity

    In June of 2018, Chad Lingafelt began a Daily Vlog series showing his perspective of growing a business. With 3 Seasons and over 200 videos full of Motivation, Business Practices, Struggles, and Successes, Chad transformed the way we Branded our Business leading to opportunities to Collaborate with other businesses. As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to host 6 other entrepreneurs in the industry guiding them with best practices and giving a transparent view of the culture that has been cultivated. 
  31. Coffee Break Podcast Launch

    Helping Other Businesses Grow

    Chad Lingafelt launches the Coffee Break Podcast in August of 2018 with the mission to share business practices, ideas, and strategies for other entrepreneurs. Twenty five episodes in and counting, the podcast has been reaching other entrepreneurs in the industry and making an impact locally in our community. 
  32. Locksmith Technician Thomas Heavey

    A New Area of Improvment

    Thomas Heavey transitions to Training Director

    With the rapid growth and expansion of our organization we realized a need for dedicated training program and facilitator. Thomas Heavey’s natural abilities and leadership skills have been a boon to our growing company and has allowed him to transition into a Training Role. As the Training Director, he is responsible for ensuring our team is equipped with knowledge and real world experience so we can exceed industry standards and our customers expectations. 
  33. Loc-Doc Security services North Carolina and South Carolina, Head quarters in Charlotte NC, branch in Greenville SC

    Greenville, SC Expansion

    Launch of local Team in Greenville, SC

    Growing demand for quality Security Service in South Carolina led us to launch a Team in Greenville, SC to support the city and surrounding areas. We are adding to the local team continually to provide our customers with Professional Commercial Security Services.
  34. Loc-Doc Security Group Photo at 4301-O Stuart Andrew Blvd.

    The Future

    Expansion is Coming

  35. Loc-Doc Security Group Photo at 4301-O Stuart Andrew Blvd.

    The Future

    Expansion is Coming