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OMS Sample Import Data

Version 1.0 OMS – Pro Available Soon!

It has long been a practice of ours here at Loc-Doc Security to share with others in our industry.  We have created this page in order to share as much information and as many updates as possible regarding the release of our up and coming software packages.


Opening Management System Packages

Opening Management System – Facilities

Opening Management and Key Management for Property Managers and business owners.  Tracking who has what key and what available cuts are up next for a rekey has never been easier.

Contact For Pricing

Opening Management System – Express

Geared towards Locksmith Companies and Security Integrator’s.  With OMS Express you can keep track of all of your customer’s opening and bitting data.  Everything is stored on TrackVia’s highly secure cloud servers.

On-boarding Fee: $XX.xx

Monthly Cost: $XX.xx per user

Opening Management System – Pro

Same features as OMS Express with Customer Relationship Management unlocked.  Additional integrations and features are also available to Pro users at additional costs.

On-boarding Fee: Contact Us!

Monthly Cost: $100.00 per user, minimum 10 users

Customer Facing App

Loc-Doc Security Mobile App

If you are our customer at any level, keep an eye out for our up and coming free mobile app!  The app will work on any smart phone.  Utilizing the QR Codes that we put on your openings, you will be able to request service for that opening simply by scanning the QR Code and adding a message.

In addition to requesting service, the mobile app will allow billable customer’s to make payments, cancel service, and much more.

Did I mention it’s totally free.

Master Key System Generator


Dealing with complex Master Key Systems at Loc-Doc Security is a common occurrence.  Having the ability to generate new systems based off of simple and easy to use parameters is essential.  Having the ability to import and manipulate existing systems is also pretty nice too.  We aim to provide a software solution that can do both things well, with a high level of security and ease of access.  Naturally our system will be cloud based and integration ready!

Monthly Cost: $XX.xx




Change Log

10 – 28 – 19

  • Added 3 Inventory Functions.
    • Audit – Allows the adding or subtracting of quantities.
    • Transfer – Allows the moving of quantities to different sub-locations.
    • Order – Generates an order with specified quantity for that part.
  • Added 4 Image Fields to Parts Request table.
  • Created a Partial Arrival Status for Purchase Orders.
  • Express Version Role Permissions Created.
  • In-Shop Role Created.

10 – 24 – 19

  • Imported all US Zipcodes
  • Imported all US Tax Regions
  • Imported “Sample” Task Types
  • Imported “Sample” Services (and Flat Rate / Surcharge Pricing)
  • Added Download Link for Sample Import Data to this webpage (TOP)

10 – 21 – 19

  • Changed calculated percent Complete to Triggered Percentage on Work Order.
    • Work Order now captures “Completed Date” when percent complete reached 100%.
  • Added a “Accounting Status” field to the work order – Defaults to “Not Invoiced”.
    • Created “Not Processed – Work Orders”, “Pending – Work Orders”, and “Recently Processed – Work Orders” queues.
  • Created a mechanism to disallow duplicates in the Customers, Locations, and Phone Numbers tables.
  • Added a field to capture the date a work order is invoiced.