Nathan Hammer | Service Manager Posted by Jessica Lingafelt April 28th, 2018
Nathan Hammer | Service Manager

From Cary, North Carolina, this VOLs fan and lacrosse guru is motivating and coaching our Team on the road to success. Nathan is not only a lacrosse coach in his spare time, but our team coach, encouraging and driving us to surpass our monthly goals! Nathan loves skittles, eating at Common Market, and spending time with his dog Susie.

Here’s what Nathan has to say about working at Loc-Doc: 

“I love the team atmosphere. Great group of people trying to accomplish the same goal.  It’s a great feeling knowing the people you work with care about both my personal and professional growth.”  Nathan Hammer, Service Manager

Here’s what the Team has to say about Nathan:

“There is never a dull moment with Nathan. He is always looking for ways to change the game, to improve himself and his team. He has played a major role in the progress of our company because of his drive for success. If Nathan is around, you can guarantee 2 things are happening: Hard work and laughter.” Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

“I have enjoyed watching Nathan develop into a powerful motivator for our team. He has an unparalleled passion to succeed in life. Nathan leverages his background in Lacrosse and experience as a High School Lacrosse Coach to help our team exceed our daily and monthly goals.” Chris Lowery, Managing Partner

“Nathan is a “coach” for our technicians onsite. He is constantly asking “What can I do to help?” And looking for ways to improve our processes. He keeps our eyes on the prize every week by reminding us where we are at and what our goals are.” Levi Gray, Customer Service