McDouglas Perez | Accounts Receivable Posted by Jessica Lingafelt July 18th, 2018



McDouglas Perez | Accounts Receivable

Originally from Ceres, California (a tiny suburb outside of San Francisco), McDouglas has made China Grove, NC (a tiny suburb outside of Charlotte) his home. 

He is an avid runner and just like the mailman, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep him from getting those miles. Because of all that running, he can devour ice cream like nobody’s business. 

McDouglas has an upbeat friendly outlook that draws people to him. Its this positive attitude that makes interactions with him, even though they usually are accounting related, a pleasure. 

He loves hiking, volleyball, DIY projects and spending time with his wife Elisabeth. Before coming to LocDoc, he was a Barista and can make a mean latte!  

Here’s what McDouglas has to say about Loc-Doc: 

“The family and team environment that exists makes working here very enjoyable. There is always something that requires research and communicating with multiple people.” – McDouglas Perez, Accounts Receivable 

Here’s what the Team has to say about McDouglas: 

“McDouglas’ extreme level of organization with regards to accounting is unmatched.  He is always open to change, never without a smile, and a pleasure to work with!“ – Lucas Ward, App Developer

“Mcdouglas is an awesome guy to work with. He is always energetic and positive in every situation, and I don’t think he’s ever walked in to work without a smile on his face.” – Sam Gray, Purchasing Manager

“McDouglas is a wonderful coworker! He is always friendly and willing to help out with a situation. You can always count on McDouglas to add positivity and encouragement to the conversation, whether it’s on the clock or off.” – Levi Gray, Customer Service

“It’s hard to catch McDouglas without a smile on his face. People are naturally drawn to his energy and down to earth personality. When McDouglas takes a break from his work, it isn’t abnormal to find him lending a listening ear in support of a colleague. In addition to being a good listener, he brings creativity, discipline, and consistency to the team.” – Jessica Bennett, Accounting Director