Lucas Ward | App Developer Posted by Jessica Lingafelt July 17th, 2018

Lucas Ward | App Developer 


Meet our app developer and robot enthusiast, Lucas Ward.

Lucas has spent most of his life in Mooresville, NC, where he was born and raised. From a young age he developed a love of learning and experimenting with science and technology. 

Here at Loc Doc he is no different. He is always learning new ways to develop and improve our systems and help our company stay on the cutting edge. Some times he is so efficient we wonder if he is a robot in disguise! 

Here’s what Lucas has to say about working at LocDoc:

“No two days are the same as an App Developer for Loc-Doc.  It’s an AMAZING CULTURE. Here they never lose site of what is important in a business, the people…grooms the culture, simultaneously teaching and helping the organization grow.”

Here’s what the Team has to say about Lucas:

“Lucas is a huge help to the development and improvement of Loc Doc Security. He is a critical thinker and problem solver, and has helped us not only get through tough situations, but also developed processes to make our work more efficient. He is also a great mediator; in times where there are differences of opinion on a project or a process, Lucas is often the calm, level headed arbiter who makes sure both sides are respected and heard. Overall, Lucas is a great guy and a great member of our team!” – Levi Gray, Customer Service