Levi Gray | Customer Service Posted by Jessica Lingafelt April 28th, 2018

Levi Gray | Customer Service

When you call us, the friendly voice you hear on the line will most likely be Levi Gray. If you chat online with us, you will probably be chatting with Levi. And, if you send an email for service, you guessed it, Levi will respond!

Meet Levi, our key player for Customer Service. Levi is proficient at communicating with customers and within our team! He has helped to build processes to improve customer service and communication! His experience in serving the customer and meeting their needs has helped him develop and excel in his role at Loc-Doc Security.

We appreciate all that Levi does and are happy to have him on our team!

Here’s what Levi has to say about working at Loc-Doc:

“First, I love that at LocDoc, I am valued as an individual. I am not just a cog in the machine, but I am a human being, and my ideas, my successes, and my problems are considered as valid and important to the success of the company. This is very empowering and makes me enjoy coming to work!

Second, I love the teamwork here at LocDoc. Through our Wednesday Morning Meetings, Team Huddles, Conference Calls, etc. We are constantly meeting together to hear how we can improve and get ideas from everyone on how to improve them. It is a truly rare thing and provides such a value to the company.”Levi Gray, Customer Service


Here’s what the Team has to say about Levi:

“He’s very dependable and is constantly looking for ways to improve current processes.  His positive attitude is infectious and makes him a pleasure to be around.” – Nathan Hammer, Service Manager

“Levi is a great critical thinker, it is always nice to have him around when we are exploring new ideas and processes. He also challenges those around him to be in a constant state of learning and improving as an individual and as a team.” Chris Lowery, Managing Partner