Chad Lingafelt | Managing Partner Posted by Jessica Lingafelt April 19th, 2018

Chad Lingafelt | Managing Partner

In 2004, after switching careers from Radio Broadcasting, Chad took a chance on an opportunity in a new industry as a trainee technician with Loc-Doc, Inc.

Over time he developed a cloud based work order and customer management system that cultivated a rapid growing environment at Loc-Doc. In 2012 after developing an operational structure, Chad entered into Partnership and has led and grown Loc-Doc to a team of 30 employees.

Chad began documenting growing pains, small business insights, and personal experiences. He has revealed how we are building structure and developing a culture of teamwork through short videos distributed on YouTube and other social media platforms allowing other companies the ability to learn through Loc-Doc’s experiences.

Loc-Doc Security is now known for its innovative infrastructure and precise ability to implement new products and solutions. The company now maintains a growing Locksmith and Door division and the rapidly growing Integration division.

Chad is married to his High School sweetheart Jessica, has 2 wildly adventurous children Katie & Clark, and has owned  3 drones…two lost to the wild and 1 currently still working.  He loves New York City, technology, Apple products, a freshly pulled espresso shot, and his family…but not necessarily in that order. You can find him on the weekend with his family and a latte in hand, and during the week, with his team that’s like family with a latte in hand. Let’s just say Chad really likes coffee…a latte. 

Here’s what the Team has to say about Chad:

Chad is a true visionary. He is constantly seeking to be better today than he was yesterday and he is always hopeful for the future. His attitude is infectious, and everyone around him is encouraged by his leadership and his desire not only to improve himself but to help everyone around him to improve as well.” Levi Gray, Customer Service

“Chad is the beating heart of Loc-Doc Security. His passion and motivation encourage each of us daily. Chad makes sure that every employee is appreciated and valued. Every morning he goes out of his way to say “Hello” to each team member. He is the definition of an excellent boss. Chad has grown a work family atmosphere, that I am proud to be a part of!” Allyson Tyler, Accounting Assistant

“Chad is more than just a boss. I consider him a friend and confidant as well. He has always taken the time to listen and help no matter the situation. He respects every one of our ideas and opinions. Chad stays calm and cool under pressure and inspires me everyday.” Zach Phifer, Account Manager

 To say I like working with him is an understatement. When Chad walks into a room, everyone perks up. When he speaks, they understand. And come idea time, everyone shares in his Dream. Chad never loses site of what is important in a business, the people.  He grooms the culture, simultaneously teaching and helping the organization grow.” Lucas Ward, App Developer