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  1. Loc-Doc Security Founded

    Bob Katz Launches First Truck

    In the early 1980’s, Bob Katz, a retired door to door apparel salesman decided to start a locksmith company.  After completing a Foley-Belsaw Locksmith course, built a key machine and started what is now known as Loc-Doc, Inc.  Bob Katz created a reputation for our company as Charlotte’s Professional Locksmith service with a primary focus on customer service, quality parts and top notch installations.  After starting the company out of his conversion van, Katz purchased an old box truck that he and his son, Chris Katz transformed into the first official Loc-Doc service truck.
  2. Access control system with keypad and screen on a storefront

    Enter Chris Lowery

    Electronics Security Division is Born

    After operating the business for about 10 years, Katz understood the future of security and locks would move into electronics.  At that time, he began searching for the first employee of Loc-Doc to help jump start the company into the electronics segment of Access Control and CCTV.  Chris Lowery was fresh out of technical college at ECPI and started with Bob and Chris Katz in 1992.
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    Dennis Lowery Joins the Team

    During the late 90’s Chris Lowery’s father, Dennis Lowery joined the team as the 3rd technician. Dennis began primarily answering the phones during that time and began developing the dispatch processes of the quickly growing company.
  4. Professional Locksmiths - What does "Professional" mean?

    4 Service Vans

    Loc-Doc Experiences More Growth

    In 2003, Loc-Doc, Inc had grown to 4 service vans across Charlotte servicing Hospitals, New Construction, Business Parks, Residential and Commercial tenants for locksmith, door and access control services.
  5. Managing Partner Chris Lowery

    Business Development

    Focus on Process Improvement

    In 2004, the company shifted focus to become more intentional with business development.  Dennis came off the road to exclusively answer incoming phone calls and coordinate service calls and projects with technicians and customers. During that same year, Chris and Dennis began transition of ownership from Bob Katz as he started retirement.
  6. More Growth

    Chris Lowery Comes off the Road and a 5th Service Truck is Launched

    In 2006, Chris Lowery moved out of a service truck to focus on company operations and growth.  During this time a 5th service truck was launched.  Loc-Doc continued to grow in the access control markets and establish a larger presence in locksmith services and door services.
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    First Physical Location

    Transition of Ownership to Chris Lowery Completed

    As the transition of ownership was completed in 2009, Loc-Doc launched it’s first physical location at 4101-H Stuart Andrew Blvd. offering service to walk-in customers and a central hub for all of our dispatch operations.
  8. Chad and Chris sharing a laugh with Luke, Thomas, and Sam

    Growth Spurt

    Continued Focus on Business Development

    Following the launch of a central operations office in Charlotte, NC, our company growth spurred and transition was a constant.  In 2012, Dennis Lowery retired from business operations and day to day management of the business development was headed by Chris Lowery and Chad Lingafelt.
  9. Enter Chad Lingafelt

    Chad Becomes a Managing Partner

    In the following years, Lowery brought Lingafelt in as a Managing partner to continue work on business development and growth during which time additional service trucks were added as our customer base continued to expand.  The focus of our company has revolved around three basic categories:

    • Quality Hardware
    • Protected Key Systems
    • Integrated Security Systems

    The nuts and bolts of how we operate, the foundation for constant improvement and understanding that there is always a better way are some of the things that set us apart.  We want to focus on an open mind for improvement in operations, hiring, team building, customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.  Loc-Doc, Inc strives to build a platform for success and finding the best people to occupy that platform.

  10. Loc-Doc Security Group Photo at 4301-O Stuart Andrew Blvd.

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