2016 Brivo Southeast Regional Dealer of the Year

It’s always encouraging to be recognized for hard work. Since 2006, Loc-Doc Security has been Installing, servicing and supporting Brivo Web-Based card access systems in a Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas We currently have over 500 online readers with our customers. Brivo brings a unique […]

How to change your code or combination (Simplex)

How can I change my code?  A very common questions we are asked in person and over the phone.  Here is a short summary of changing your simplex combination locks. Simplex locks are probably one of the most popular or common combination locks for commercial […]

DO NOT DUPLICATE KEYS! – Is that a thing?

If you want to control the duplication of keys, we should look at a product such as Medeco to solve the problem. You can get your existing keys stamped with “DO NOT DUPLICATE” but it doesn’t stop anyone from getting copies without your knowledge. Wal-Mart, […]