5 Warning Signs It May Be Time To Invest In Residential Security

Homeowners often find comfort in the idea that “it will never happen to my home.” Unfortunately, it can and does happen to unsuspecting homeowners.   If this makes you unsure about how effective your current residential security methods are, it may be time to invest in […]

8 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Office Security Today

Install Locking Cabinets- Locking cabinets, cupboards, file desks, etc., will help to improve the security of materials in your office. Employees can store their items safely, and customer information will be more secure. Important papers can be kept hidden and stored safely. Keep Communication Open- […]

DO NOT DUPLICATE KEYS! – Is that a thing?

If you want to control the duplication of keys, we should look at a product such as Medeco to solve the problem. You can get your existing keys stamped with “DO NOT DUPLICATE” but it doesn’t stop anyone from getting copies without your knowledge. Wal-Mart, […]

Medeco Security Center – Presentation

We had the privilege to travel to Salem, VA on Friday and present our experience with the Medeco Security Center Program at Medeco‘s factory. A quick summary of our presentation: Loc-Doc, Inc was founded in 1982 First Employee was hired in 1992 Slow and steady growth through 2003 […]

Should I Consider Installing Keyless Door Locks In My New Home?

Electronic keyless door locks are the exciting, modern way to control the access to your home. They offer many unique benefits that key locks are unable to. Whether you are building a new home or you are looking for a way to update your current […]

Do Commercial Security Cameras Discourage Criminals?

Commercial security cameras can be an important measure in the security of your business. More and more business owners are using security cameras in and around their buildings for the protection of their personal property, their customers’ information, and their business materials. The most important […]

What Custom Options Are Available With Home Alarm Systems?

When choosing between the many home alarm systems, your options may seem endless. From brand to size to security coverage, you may feel like you are chasing your own tail in the quest for better home security. However, there are some general custom option categories […]